Telephones and Television


Here is a general rule:  With or without a hearing aid, the result is always best if you first make the telephone louder.  Most (but not all) telephones these days have a feature that lets you turn them up louder.  Find the button on the phone and turn the phone up to hear as well as possible on the phone.  If your phone is inadequate, we will advise you about an appropriate replacement.

Captioned Telephones

For people with extreme hearing impairment, getting a phone that transcribes the caller’s speech into running text now is a very simple and inexpensive procedure.  We can direct you to the appropriate agency.

Streaming Devices

Most hearing aids nowadays have a low-cost option to feed the audio from your cell phone, home phone, and/or your television directly into your hearing aids in order to maximize the audibility for you, without disturbing others.