Patient Testimonials

I have dealt with Alan Dumaine for many years and feel very lucky. He has met every need and complaint with care and understanding and, even better, a solution to any issue I have had. To add to these accolades he has always considered the economic issues that confront all seniors and has made it possible to get the best solution to address my hearing problems at the best price he could manage without sacrificing value. Thank you Alan.

-Catherine N.

I would like to thank all of you at the Hearing Improvement Center for over 10 years of conscientious service. It has been a great help and comfort to me over those years. First, you advised me and helped me to find the right hearing aids for my needs, and secondly, I cannot count the times you have helped me through the numerous occasions of lost, damaged or otherwise in need of service hearing aids, either repairing them on the spot, rush shipping a unit for factory service, or arranging for another unit. Calibration of the units, warranties, repairs. These are all areas where I have put myself into your hands, and I have been very pleased at the results. Being able to hear is really critical to my occupation as an insurance agent, not to mention my being able to function in my personal life. Again, thank you so much.

-Paul J. F.

When [I was] doing school nursing 35 years ago, the Hearing Improvement Center calibrated our audiometers. As a Visiting Nurse, my patients asked [me] where to go for hearing aids and the Hearing Improvement Center was a referral source.

Years later, as my hearing deteriorated, I consulted the Hearing Improvement Center and purchased my hearing aids. Conversations at meetings, with friends and on the telephone became so much clearer.

My daughters tell me that they enjoy my hearing aids as much as I do. [I] don’t have to ask [them] to repeat things, and I don’t talk as loudly as I used to.

Hearing Improvement Center, I thank you!

-Winnie G.

I want to express my appreciation for your skill and helpfulness in setting up my hearing aids so I can hear better again. It’s the first time in years that I can now hear my wife without repeatedly asking, “What did you say?” The Hearing Improvement Center certainly does for me what its name implies.

-Howard C. M.