Hearing Aid Evaluation

The results from your hearing test will provide the hearing care professional an outline of what sounds you may be missing or hearing, but the personal answers about your daily life and perception about your hearing provide the basis for a your hearing aid assessment.

Hearing instrument selection

We strive to help the individual choose the hearing instrument style and performance level that makes the most sense for him or her, in terms of value, ease of handling, durability, and cosmetics.  We are very mindful to avoid unnecessary expense for the user.  For example, a person who mostly is at home usually fares satisfactorily with a less expensive system, while a person who routinely is out and about among diverse and sometimes noisy settings might appreciate a more advanced and therefore somewhat costlier sound processing system.


The audiologist may take impressions of your ears if some portion of the hearing aid requires a molded earpiece.   Hearing aids usually must be ordered from a manufacturer and then programmed the audiologist to meet your specific hearing needs. This process can take a few weeks, so do not be disappointed when you do not receive your hearing aids the same day as your evaluation.